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Toys & Dolls Clothes

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Toys & Dolls Clothes
Blankets & Misc

Made to order.
Reasonable Prices..
Your choice of colours
Made to your requirements
No loose buttons..
Can be machine washed
For all ages & all occassions...
Eg:  births, birthdays, christmas, valentine, get wells, mothers & fathers day, wedding, just to name a few.
Over 200 to choose from:
Teddies ~ small or large. Clothed or plain..
Animals ~ dinosaurs, dogs, cats, frogs, ducks, octopus, elephants, etc...
Clowns ~ novelty
Tv favourites ~ telly tubbies, Mr Squiggle, Inspector Gadget, Play school, Wombles, Winnie the pooh, Fat cat, Power rangers, Rugrats, etc ...
Dolls ~ Pirates, Jemima Jane's, Baby dolls, Mermaids, Princesses, Princes, Robin Hood, Fairies, Alice in wonderland, etc....
Plus many many more......


These range from small doll clothes
to fit for Barbies ranging from pants, dresses, tops, skirts, fashion clothes eg(bride, xmas, ballgowns)
Also larger dolls clothes
to fit all types of dolls ranging
from skirts, pants, layettes, tops, etc.
Can make clothes to measure and fit your doll..